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Dectron is a premier US manufacturer and supplier of high quality, precision machined Articulating Arm Systems and Load Positioning Components. Established in 1980, original core competencies were focused primarily on contract manufacturing and the design and production of mechanical products. Our first mechanical articulating arms were developed for the demanding ergonomic and high precision needs of the Ophthalmological and Optometric fields. Meeting those customer requirements and solving their unique needs would lead Dectron to pursue and offer a broader range of load supporting solutions.
In 1997, the Dectron line of articulating products was acquired from a very established, well respected Dental equipment manufacturer. Originally designed for industrial applications, the higher weight capacities, precision craftsmanship and unparalleled durability of the Dectron line of products propelled it into industries of every type, including the medical, dental, and optical fields. 
Presently, Dectron has re-focused on the environment its products we're originally designed for, Industrial. In addition to offering world class OEM solutions, Dectron now offers an expansive catalog of industry grade, modular components, designed to tackle a wide variety of load positioning applications. With an easy to use, flexible, and readily available solution, Dectron is poised to transform modern day Industrial and Assembly environments by bringing the same revolutionary benefits articulating arms brought to the Medical and Dental environments to the Industrial world.